About JDesign

We have been in IT world for more than 15 years. Our products and services have been developed through the years with great collaboration and assistance from users who, with their demands and suggestions, have helped achieve the goal and quality of products and services.
Our Activities
Web Design
Creating web pages, from the simplest to the most complex, depending on your goals and needs
We combine various techniques in order to get the best presentation. Although it has a lot of programming and everything sounds very complicated, final product is very easy to use and visually recognizable. In designing a website, our approach is personal, taking into account the clients' business and communication goals.
SEO Marketing and Internet Advertising
Website Optimization and Positioning for Search Engines and Internet Advertising
We know that you want to increase your company's visibility and expand your business. But you have no advertising experience on the Internet? Did you hear about Google AdWords? Do you know that you can advertise inexpensively on Facebook? We offer you the creation and management of ad campaigns tailored exactly to your wishes and needs. Internet advertising offers the ability to create ad campaigns that are highly customizable to your wishes. Whether you think about spending $ 100 or 20,000 on advertising, we guarantee you the optimal display of your ad.
Web Applications
Business OnLine Applications for Various Activities
It's been a long time since applications for your business had to be installed on your local computer. JDesign offers unique OnLine applications for a variety of activities, which work on all operating systems and all devices that have Internet access.
Consulting and Designing
We have helped many small and medium-sized companies to optimize and improve their business (with an emphasis on information technology - IT). Specialized solutions that we offer, as well as the openness and the ability to upgrade, design and develop according to your requirements, guarantee a positive change in the company's business to the mutual satisfaction. Tell us about your problems, share your ideas and thoughts and we will make sure that the access to the problem solving process is as efficient and complete as possible.
Maintaining and Integrating Systems and Networks
In addition to consulting and designing services, we also offer maintenance of computer systems and networks - we optimize network resources, monitor IT and mobile devices operation, perform software and hardware installation and integration and suggest solutions that can make your work more comfortable and productive. We also offer consulting services - we suggest suppliers and/or we make complete orders for you "in the bundle".
Computer Service
As part of our services we also offer PC service - maintenance and repair of computers, computer equipment, network and network equipment. According to the agreement, maintenance and service can be performed at your location but also remotely via a special software.
Sales of POS and Other Technical Equipment
It is our responsibility to give our customers the ability to make the right choice of POS and other technical equipment specifically for their needs and to educate them on all the innovations that can help them to improve their business. Sometimes the most expensive solution is not the best as the cheapest solution is usually the most expensive.